20 Apr

Isn’t it kind of funny how much that simple little four letter word really covers and entails? I think it has become my standard answer when someone ask me what I have been up to. Life.  It is what it is and it is funny how it can seem to spin around faster than we can think or move or at other times seem to be moving at a snails pace.

I know for our family it has seemed to be going warp speed lately.  I know that I have been gone from my blogs a long time. Maybe someone actually missed me, doubtful but I can always hope.  Anyways between spending about 5 weeks with aback injury before seeking medical intervention, a death in our family, traveling out of state for a funeral, Easter, and some other stuff I have had little time for anything else. Especially one of my favorite things, scrapping!

But today I am proud to say that I am going to be doing some scrapping. I plan to work on my Creative Team layouts, plus some challenges that I want to participate in.  Plus I think today I am going to try my hand a little designing, beyond word art that is!  I have had a color palette and theme in mind for a while now and really want to get at it.  So check back tomorrow and see what I have gotten done. I am hoping a lot!!  And I might even have a small freebie ready for you by then, but that might be pushing it! LOL!

Here is a layout I did, but don’t think I posted on here (and if I did sorry).  Oh, and not sure if you noticed but in left menu there is now a link to my Gallery.  I plan to post all my layouts in there as I go, so check it out.




This is my daughter on her first day of school at a brand new school! She had attended her previous school since kindergarten so this was an emotional day for her (and me)!

I used Inkin’ Creations March Color Challenge Mini-kit. The flower is also by Inkin’ Creations, from her Fun Times kit and I recolored it. The alphabet is by Lily Belle Designs from her Brand New kit and I recolored them as well.

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