Scavenger Hunt at Digital Paper Hearts (freebie too)

02 Jul

Clue 1 is listed in the image but if you can’t read it here it is again.

Clue 1: Something new for every day of the week. Look for the place where you find Sunday Inspirations, the Queen of the Day, and tutorials on Tuesday to fin what you seek. Here you will find the first portion of the kit and your next clue, then you’ll know what to do.

Now just as a little hint since this one is hard if you are not familiar with DPH, this is the only clue that does not lead to the store. Once you find part 1 everything else is in the store. Most designers have a clue hidden in their store and no designer will be used twice. If you get stuck try using our awesome search box in the store to search for key words from the clue.

Once you’ve found everything PM me with a list of each place you found a part of the mega kit and I’ll send you a coupon for 35% off anything in the store!

Feel free to hang out in the forum and chat about the clues, ask questions, check out our awesome challenges, and above all else have fun!

When you’ve finished you will have grabbed this fun-filled mega collab!

And don’t forget that you can pick up my FREE July Desktop!

July Desktop

July Desktop


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