Digital Paper Hearts Lyric Challenge

05 Aug

This has got to be one of my favorite challenges to run! I love music and more importantly the lyrics!  I think it is becuase it is so easy to find a song that fits what emotions you are trying to get across in your layout.  And how great is it to turn on the radio, put in a cd or pull out your iPod and listen to a song that either matches your current mood or find one that can change your mood? I love it!

This month over at DPH the song that I chose for the Lyric Challenge is by Jamey Johnson and it is called “In Color”. I love this song but probably even more so I love the video! I think the video makes the song!  If you have never heard the song, here is the video from youtube.

So get creating and head on over to the Challenge Forums at DPH to participate in this and all the other challenges going on!  Here is a layout that I quickly did, but I am in the process of doing another one because I have an idea I want to try!  So you will see more from this challenge from me.

Layout for Lyric Challenge at Digital Paper Hearts

Layout for Lyric Challenge at Digital Paper Hearts

And here is a little freebie I made that you can use if you choose to but do not have to use it for the challenge! Enjoy!


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