My New Toy

10 May

So recently I got a cool new toy and I didn’t even tell you about it! Shame on me.  This cool new toy has quite the story behind it.  But the most important thing is that I now have one and I am loving it!  Thanks hunny!

Although, I bought for myself (with dh’s paycheck! lol!), I still count it as my Mother’s Day Gift.  I even got it about 2 weeks before Mother’s Day.  But thats ok, dh paid for it and I didn’t really want anything else for MD so its all good.  I even told him he could count it as part of my anniversary gift.  Its coming up in 2 months; kind of hard to believe that we will have been married for 14 years and together for almost 18 years! WOW, time sure does fly when having fun!

But anyways, back to my new toy! It is a Cricut Expression (the big one)! And I am loving playing with it.  I have done several projects on it.  And while only a couple have turned out perfect thats ok because there is a learning curve.  And the others, while not perfect, were good enough to still give away as the gifts they were planned to be!

So here is my bug, nestled safe and snug in its shipping container.

Here is what was inside the package (the goodies)!

I bought it off of HSN because they had some of the best prices, the best package deals and the best part was that they offer FlexPay. Which is a nice option if you don’t want that  large of an amount to come out of your bank account all at once.

So as you can see, my package included not only my machine, the spatula, the mat and replacement blades; but also 4 cartridges (Sentimentals, Songbird, Forever Young and Straight from the Nest), a package of vinyl, bottle of etching cream, and all the manuals and software.  I also got the Cricut Tools, which included a bone folder, pair of scissors, craft knife, little pick thing, a ruler and something else. Ha, hows that for descriptive!

Then a couple days later, I also bought the Wild Card cartridge.  Most of the cartridges that I buy in the future are going to be ones that I can use in card designing and for home decorations or gifts.  Mainly because I do all my scrapping on my computer (digitally) and I don’t plan to do much paper scrapping in the future.  The only way I would is if I am making a quick little gift album for someone.

So come back and see some of the projects I have already done with my bug! But remember I am only a beginner!  But in the future I may try my hand at svg and cut files for you! Woah, that sounds scary even typing it.

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