Mothers Day

13 May

So I told you about my Mother’s Day gift a couple of posts ago.  Well, I decided to use my Mother’s Day gift to create a Mother’s Day gift! lol!  Initially this gift was supposed to be for my mother-in-law since we would be seeing her for sure on Mother’s Day (we live with her!). And I didn’t plan on seeing my mom for a couple more weeks.  However, on Sunday morning Josh and I had to run home to get something he forgot after we dropped everyone else off at church.  On the way to the house, I noticed that he was counting something in his head.  So I asked him what he was doing and he said he was trying to figure out if we could make it up to see my mom and the timeframe it would be.  So we decided to go see my mom! Yikes, now I needed a gift for her sooner.  So here is what I did.

I bought this vase at a garage sale on Saturday for $1, took it home and washed it in hot soapy water and let it dry.

Then I took a sheet of my Cricut Vinyl and put it on my mat.  Now the sheet of vinyl is 12×24″ and my mat is only 2×12″ but I didn’t feel like cutting the vinyl ahead of time (can’t find my trimmer) so I just lined it up and stuck it on the mat with the access at the bottom.  I knew it would be fine since my mat wasn’t that long. And it was.

Then I inserted the cartridge that I planned to use (Straight from the Nest) and loaded my mat.  You can see in the above picture how the vinyl hangs off the mat. While it was cutting at certain points I did support the excess vinyl as the machine pulled it in and out.  Not sure this would be necessary but I didn’t want it to get jammed.  Plus the desk I have my machine sitting on does not have a lot of room in the front of the machine to support the excess (or a longer mat).

Ok, here are pictures of what I used.  In the Straight from the Nest booklet I looked for a flourish that I really liked and thought would work well.  So as you can see in the left picture, I chose the flourish on page 69.  At first I chose to use the border and cut one of them at 2 1/2″. However after cutting it, I realized that it was long enough to wrap around the entire vase but I needed room for the word that I also planned to put on the vase.  So I recut using just the flourish and it was also cut at 2 1/2″.  You will probably want to set your multi-cut feature to at least a 2 and maybe even a 3. I used 2 and it worked but there were some areas that were not completely cut through, so changing the multi-cut count or the blade depth/pressure might have helped with that issue.  You will also notice that I chose to use the word “grow” on page 70. I liked this word, especially since it was going on a vase, but realize that each letter is connected together and it made it hard to get it onto the vase and I had to be extra careful about not tearing the letters apart where they were joined (some of the areas were very thin).

Here is a picture of the machine cutting and a picture of my first attempt.  Here is where I realized that the border flourish was not going to work like I wanted it to and also the words that you see I did recut.  I felt that were too small compared to the flourish and I did not use multi-cut on them so I couldn’t get them off correctly.  Oh well, live and learn.  So although there is not a picture of it, I recut the flourish twice and then the word “grow” twice more.  I made the word about 1/2″ larger than before and it looked much better.

I don’t have any pictures of applying the vinyl to the vase or of just the vinyl and vase.  But let me tell you that applying that vinyl was a pain in the rear.  I think it had to do with the fact that not only was the vase a round object but it also was tapered. So it was very hard getting the vinyl on as straight and in porportion as possible.  But it was ok.

Then I applied the etching cream in a medium thick coat.  It says to let it sit 5 minutes; I think I left mine on almost 10 minutes and I feel that it should have been left on longer. Probably at least 15 minutes.  But I was in a hurry as we were leaving for my moms in about 15 minutes and the gift was for her.  So I washed it off after about 10 minutes and removed the vinyl.  I could see all the little imperfections in it.  There were places that I didn’t get the vinyl down all the way although it looked like it at first glance.  Then there were the areas were I did not get any etching cream at all, plus the place that I got etching cream outside of the vinyl (no idea how that happened).  These are possibly all things that might not have happened or that I would have been able to fix if I had not been rushing to get the vase finished.

The believe it or not, I almost forgot to take pictures of the finished vase.  I rememberd about 5 minutes before we were getting ready to leave my moms to head home.  So enjoy her pretty roses in the vase (which she loved!).

You might notice that the flourish on this side is cut into the W.  I didn’t get the vunyl lined up right and this is the fix I came up with.  You can’t see it in the pictures but the words are not in line with each other; one is up higher then the other.  But the most important thing is my mom loved it and was so excited to get it and the flowers.  Of course the surprise visit from her daughter and family didn’t hurt anything either!

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