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07 Mar

Ok, so I will be the first to admit that I typically don’t do these things.  Not sure why but usually just don’t.  And I will also admit I was pretty surprised that I had even been chosen for one in the first place.  But

Krystine from gave me a blog award! I am honored that she chose me and I do believe it a first for this blog.  Thank you very much!

The Rules for the award is that I have to name five reasons why I love crafting and pass it on to five other crafters(and acknowledge the person who gave it to me!).

Here are the five reasons I love crafting:
1. It allows me to relieve any stress that I may have! I think it usually makes me a happier/cheerier person to be around (at least for that moment! unless it is the night before a major show/event and i am trying to beat the clock! lol!)
2. I love to create things or recreate things.
3. I love seeing the creative side come out in my daughter because she in encouraged by my crafting and by me letting her work alongside me.  And I can’t wait until my son loves to craft too!
4. I love seeing the smiles I bring to the recipients of my work (especially my cards!)
5. It’s kind of fun to drive my husband crazy with all the random stuff I want to buy(just in case I need it later).  [Ok, this was so not my original answer but I thought it fit pretty well and I also believe my husband would agree with it!! I have at least 3 rubber maid tubs plus probably 4 other boxes of varying sizes of “stuff i might use later” sitting in my house right now!]

The five people I give this award to are(and they are in no order): [this is the hard part for me, so i will be back with them!]
1.– Thienly is amazing! If you have never checked out her work, you should becuase you are missing out! Such and inspiration to me!
2.– ok maybe not specifically a craft blog, but so much amazing stuff here! you have to visit Laurie, she will inspire you in many things!
3.– really the name of the blog says it all! ok maybe not all; you should visit Amy, you will find some amazing ideas there!
4.– if you want inspiration on making it do, then you have to visit Calli. i love this blog because i know that i can make it do and it will be ok! thanks for the inspiration Calli!
5.– Denise is a very talented and super nice lady, go check out her lovely craft projects!
6. I had to do a 6th one becuase I can not leave out this place–– ok, i know this is not a blog but i have to throw this out there for Kathy and all the ladies (and gents) at Smart Buy Gal Forums! they are an amazing group of very talented ladies and gentlemen.  thank you for the daily inspiration and friendship that i have found there!

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