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More Vinyled Items

Here are few more pictures of some of the stuff I have been making lately.  Most of these were Christmas gifts for fmaily members but some of them were business orders.  Thanks for looking.

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Missing in Action?

Breast Cancer Awareness water bottles

Well actually I think it would be closer to being AWOL than MIA! My poor blog how I have neglected you these past few months. I have been so busy with other stuff that I haven’t had made the time to come here and post.  So what has kept me away?  Well, life and family in general.  I know I say it a lot but the end of the year is a crazy time for us.  My husband is a pastor so he has a lot of stuff to do for church during the final months of the year.  And since right now he is an Interim Student Pastor at one church and an Interim Senior Pastor at another church the craziness is multiplied! Add on top of that all of the family things at the this time of year and it is certifiable around here!  I am talking 3 Thanksgiving (we only did 2 this year) and 3 Christmases plus all the church activities like musicals, staff parties, our kids stuff, the youth group activities and regular Sunday morning and evening church! Makes me tired even remembering it all!

And on top of that I decided to start up a little business. So I have been making things and attending craft shows.  I am off to a pretty good start and am hoping that things continue.  Here are a few pictures

one of my table displays

Green and Silver Believe in the Magic charger

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Teacher Appreciation Week

So, last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at my daughters school.  Of course she waited until late Wednesday night to say anything at all to me about it.  So I spent Thursday brainstorming and thinking of something that I could do quickly but would look nice and be used by the teacher.  I know that I for one don’t care to get (or give) a gift that is not something that i will use.  Of course the only exception is something that my little ones make me as a gift.

So I decided that I would use my Cricut and make some note cards for her teacher.  I really like note cards as a gift, especially premade ones that I can just grab and write in and send/give to the person.  It is nice to not have to hunt for some nice paper or try and find a store bought card that says exactly want you want it to say.

First, I sat down with my books from the Forever Young cart and the Wild Card cart and picked out the designs I wanted to make and wrote out all the layers that I wanted to cut and what colors that I wanted them to be.  I chose one of the purses from the Forever Young cartridge and decided on the embellishments. I used a 12×12″ peice of cardstock in a pretty charcoal gray color, loaded it into the machine, and set it to fit to page.  This made the machine cut the purse at 5 1/2″ in size.  Since I already had a list of everything and the colors laid out I was able to get through the cutting fairly quickly.  The most time consuming part at this point was removing the pieces from the mat.  That take some time.  Just a note, my cards and envelopes ended up getting resized part way through the cutting process and I am not sure how.  I think I accidentally bumped the dial at some point.  Plus I was trying to cut more than one designs layers at the time I had that color of paper in and I think that somehow messed things up as well.  But in the end it was ok, not perfect but giveable.

Here is my pile of all the pieces before assembling; doesn’t look like much.

Try and ignore my messy desk! It is my computer and craft desk and pretty much where I spend the majority of my time.  I didn’t take individual pictures of each card as I made them but here is a picture of all the pieces assembled.

I love the purse! It is super cute and I really didn’t want to give it away, but I did.  I had planned on 5 cards to put inside the purse to give but for some reason when i was done assembling I only had 4.  So I decided to through in the little butterfly card I made previously.  Also I am not sure what happened to it but I could not find the envelope to the blue “just a note” card in the bottom corner.  And I didn’t make another one becuase the card was too large on its own and the envelope would have never fit in the purse. So it got sent without an envelope. Sometimes you just need a card without the envelope, right? That what I kept telling myself.

The card in the upper left corner is actually the card for the teacher from Sarai.  It is a blue ribbon on the outside and then the inside (which shows through the middle) reads “#1 Teacher”.  I also forgot to cut the liner for the inside, so I just cut a small rectangle of white cardstock and adhered that inside.  Everything was put inside a small gift bag along with a small box of chocolates.

And so you know, she loved it! I got an email from her that day thanking me and telling me how much she loved them! So I was happy.  And it really only took me about 2 hours start to finish.  I made sure I watched Survivor first and then skipped the Mentalist and was able to catch the tale-end of Fringe. Not bad for a great little gift.

**My favorite cards are the scalloped gray one and the little green one. They were so cute.  And Sarai has already picked out what purse she wants for herself!

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My First 3 Cricut Projects

Ok, so you seen my post about getting my new Cricut Expression, right? So here is my first ever project that I did on it.  Nothing to fancy or complicated, so you might not be impressed.  But I was impressed. Impressed by the fact that this little card took my all of 10 minutes to create.  And that sentiment on it; yeah, I would have never tried to cut something like that by hand! No way!  So here you go:

Like I said nothing to complicated or fancy about that.  But it was super easy and fast and I think it is cute. Now I just need to figure out who to give it to. Shouldn’t be to hard.  By the way, it was cut from the Wild Card cartridge and I can’t really tell you what size I cut it at since I didn’t write it down. Sorry.

So on to project number 2.  The Forever Young cartridge is one of my favorties (so far) and I love all of the little purses on it.  Btw, if you have a  little girl that is into Barbie right now and you want to do some cool custom things for a Barbie party you have got to get this cartridge! It would work perfectly.  My “little” girl will be 11 on her next birthday and a Barbie party didn’t appeal to her when I mentioned it.  And I don’t think daddy will let me throw one for Micah anytime soon! lol!

Anyways, I decided to make on of the purses on the cartridge because they are just so stinkin cute.  One downside was that I only had 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper so I knew that it was going to be tiny.  But I forged ahead with my plans.  And here is what I ended up with

Isn’t it adorable?!? So sorry for the flash glare on the purse.  It is actually a dusty rose color and the insert is hunter green and it is a lot cuter in person than it appears in this picture.  So after I cut it and assembled it my son (who is almost 2) came in the room and promptly claimed the purse as “mine”! So I explained to him (as much as you can to an almost 2 year old!) that it was not his and that purses are for girls.  So my son being the smart one he is proceeded to tell me that is was Maya’s.  So the purse project has now turned into the purse gift for Maya.  If you want to know who Maya is, you should read this post.  But just briefly she is one of Micah’s best friends and she is moving soon and it is very sad for our family.  So the plan is to put a couple little hair decorations and a small bottle of finger nail polish in it and give it to Maya. I will take some pictures of it when it is ready to go.

And last but not least, the third project that I did with my bug.  This is one of my favorites, because of the colors and the butterfly! Love that butterfly!

I love the combination of the purple and teal cardstocks together.  I did mess up on this one though, however you can’t see it in the pictures because it doesn’t effec the project you see here.  When I was prining the parts to the butterfly (base and filigree wings) I accidentally cut the wings too big. Not sure how I did it but it happened.  So I just recut the wings smaller and then cut me a body big.  So then I had the parts to create another butterfly for a future project! Pretty spiffy (and I will show you how I ended up using it in the future).  This card was also off of the Wild Card cartridge, again I didn’t write down any of the sizes since I was really just playing around with my new toy. But in the future I will write them down for you.


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My New Toy

So recently I got a cool new toy and I didn’t even tell you about it! Shame on me.  This cool new toy has quite the story behind it.  But the most important thing is that I now have one and I am loving it!  Thanks hunny!

Although, I bought for myself (with dh’s paycheck! lol!), I still count it as my Mother’s Day Gift.  I even got it about 2 weeks before Mother’s Day.  But thats ok, dh paid for it and I didn’t really want anything else for MD so its all good.  I even told him he could count it as part of my anniversary gift.  Its coming up in 2 months; kind of hard to believe that we will have been married for 14 years and together for almost 18 years! WOW, time sure does fly when having fun!

But anyways, back to my new toy! It is a Cricut Expression (the big one)! And I am loving playing with it.  I have done several projects on it.  And while only a couple have turned out perfect thats ok because there is a learning curve.  And the others, while not perfect, were good enough to still give away as the gifts they were planned to be!

So here is my bug, nestled safe and snug in its shipping container.

Here is what was inside the package (the goodies)!

I bought it off of HSN because they had some of the best prices, the best package deals and the best part was that they offer FlexPay. Which is a nice option if you don’t want that  large of an amount to come out of your bank account all at once.

So as you can see, my package included not only my machine, the spatula, the mat and replacement blades; but also 4 cartridges (Sentimentals, Songbird, Forever Young and Straight from the Nest), a package of vinyl, bottle of etching cream, and all the manuals and software.  I also got the Cricut Tools, which included a bone folder, pair of scissors, craft knife, little pick thing, a ruler and something else. Ha, hows that for descriptive!

Then a couple days later, I also bought the Wild Card cartridge.  Most of the cartridges that I buy in the future are going to be ones that I can use in card designing and for home decorations or gifts.  Mainly because I do all my scrapping on my computer (digitally) and I don’t plan to do much paper scrapping in the future.  The only way I would is if I am making a quick little gift album for someone.

So come back and see some of the projects I have already done with my bug! But remember I am only a beginner!  But in the future I may try my hand at svg and cut files for you! Woah, that sounds scary even typing it.

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